Ladybug Nails!

We all have times when we are too busy for a trip to Mani/Pedi or don’ t want to spend money for Nail Saloon. This is something i tried recently, took me 15 min in total and it’ s super easy. You can get even more inspiration here:

My favorites are the simple, two colored ones (:

STEP1: Choose your two fav nail polishes

photo 4

STEP2: Apply the base coat

photo 2 (1)

STEP3: Pour some from the other color onto a paper

photo 3

STEP4: Put dots with the tip of a bobby pin

photo (1)


photo 1 (1)

Smashbox CC Cream Review!

Smashbox-CC-CreamWe were all surrounded by BB(beauthy balm) creams last year, another invention brought up by “advanced far east world”. When i started seeing CC creams on blogs, pinterest, i admit that i just thought it as another overrated product, well, untill i have the sample from Smashbox. It is either the brand Smashbox or the ingredients in CC creams in general, but i certainly like the results. So, for those who have not yet found the perfect foundation or BB cream , go for it!

Pros 🙂

Light coverage, does not look cakey at all

Great for acne prone skin

Has SPF in it

Covers redness, blemishes better compared to BB creams

Cons 😦

Very pricey(more or less 30$ for a small tube)

Does not have much color options( total in 5 shades)