Moments to Embrace

Change is definitely the most fitting word that describes the situation I am in nowadays. Changing the county I live, changing the place you call home, changing the relationships…
All of these changes would be harder if I did not have a support system of my friends and family. I already knew I needed to see my best friends and planned Euro Trip 3 months ago. The trip went beyond my expectations, full of laughter, relaxing, fun and supporting. So, I will always remember those fun, happy moments with joy >.<

Paris visit
Who says the city is just for romantic couples?

Weirdest museum I’ ve ever been: Paris Modern Art Museum Pompidou
photo (1)

Random fondue restaurant in La-Fontaine
photo (7)

Aaaaand we could not resist to those cat beanies
photo (6)

Estocolmo visit
That Spa place was aaaaaawesome!! I am gonna share the link:

photo (4)

And experimental photo shoots in cemetery(our favorite place ahahah)


Dresden visit
Relaxing with my little sister in Dresden
photo (3)

All in all, 2014 Euro Trip was perfect although my purse got stolen in Paris subway just after I told the girls that they should be careful because there are lots of pickpocketers


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