Spa Day

Hello everyone, I hope you are having a great weekend. I and my friend wanted to escape from the city a bit and went to this beautiful spa/wellness center near Sapanca lake. The lake was nice to look at but we did not feel like swimming as it was not clean enough 🙂 There were “courageous” people swimming in the lake though.

photo (5)

We first wanted to try out the indoor pools as it was too hot outside during noon time. Other than the usual sauna, massage rooms and pools there was this interesting place called adventurous rain shower. You get into an artificial cave which is made of dark stones and you can barely see anything. There is a giant rain shower on top. First you feel the rain coming down slowly with some relaxing music in the background then suddenly  thunderstorm noises start and rain gets heavy!! The thunderstorm sounds were so scary, we got out from there screaming 🙂 Not something you would expect on the spa day.


After having our lunch, we spent the rest of the day by the pool, chatting, lounging and sunbathing.

photo (1)

photo (4)

photo (1)

I liked this small gift they gave us at the end of our day.

photo (3)


photo (6)



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