Alacati/Ayayorgi: a Dreamland full of beautiful colors

For me, the best time to go for vacation is end of august or beginning of september, especially for Turkey. The costs become quieter with less tourist  population which means less queue, more car parking place, better service in restaurants, bars and hotels.  I always wanted to visit Alacati in Turkey, heard so many good comments about there from my friends who have already been there.

I and my friend did not plan our holiday throughly, we wanted it to be spontaneous and found ourselves in a short flight from Istanbul to Izmir. Before heading to Alacati, we tried to arrange a nice and affordable car with car rental companies in the airport and rented the most uncomfortable car ever :)) I don’ t want to complain much though as it gave us the flexibility to visit around rather than just stick nearby the hotel.

The lovely garden of the boutique hotel



For the next 5 days, we spent our mornings having breakfast in hotel and heading to Ayayorgi beach clubs after drinking our morning coffee.


Ayayorgi Beach Clubs

Sole More: It was so crowded, probably because we went there on Saturday. After 15 minutes of negotiating with the staff working there, they  arranged a place just near sea 🙂 After 2 drinks, one hour of socializing with others and swimming, I felt a bit tired and fell asleep while sunbathing. I woke up with super loud music coming from the sea and couldn’t believe what i saw. My favorite Turkish band was giving a concert in the middle of the sea, people were swimming to the concert platform. We went there too, swimming, singing, clapping at the same time >.< I loved it!!!

Marrakesh: I was a bit disappointed with this one as I was full of expectations before going there. Due to the advertisements in social media, It is the most popular beach club in that area. The decoration, tables and bungalows were designed elegantly but it was not a place full of energy and I think this place impressed me in the photos because they were taken during night. So, I wish we spent just a night there not a full day.


Fun Beach: That beach club was in another cost actually and we just wanted to try another location. That was the reason we chose to spend one day on this beach. I did not like the food, it was very windy and we couldn’t hear the music from the beach because the bar was located in the green area which is not very close to the beach.  The sea was extremely cold compared to the  Ayayorgi probably because this is more open than cove.

Babylon: My favorite!!! We went there last day of our vacation. And it is good that we saved the best one for the last day as I will mostly remember here. The whole place was larger than the others. They allocated huge place for everything: car parking lot, the green areas, the beach


So, in conclusion I loved Ayayorgi but I am not a fan of Altinkum, I might have liked it if I did not visit Ayayorgi though. I realized during this vacation that I felt rested without getting bored. Visitors can have so much fun, enjoy happy hours after 5, clubbing and dancing nearby the sea or just find a quiet place on the green areas, lounge on the comfy cushions.

Loved the colors of the town



Alacati Night Life:


I liked this club because it has a nice, relaxing atmosphere and the decoration was super cool. The DJ was standing in an interesting location in the middle of the club: he is in  the car which is on top of the swimming pool 🙂



I liked the music and shots served in this place but we experienced something weird after midnight. The staff gave us all earphones to listen to music because it is forbidden to play loud music after midnight. They told us this regulation is applied only for the weekdays and the place is of course is more lively in the weekends.


As for the restaurants we tried various popular ones and I like the local Mediterranian food restaurant. It was a very authentic restaurant with local foods (specific to Aegean)


And the most suggested ones, Tuval and Barbun, were not bad either, I like the salmon grill which was served with wasabi sauce.


Will I visit there again? If I live in Turkey after school, yes, but I first want to travel other countries.



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